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How the “Funnel Concept” Affects Learning

How Children Learn to Write We often take for granted the natural growth of children that happens without our direct involvement. Developing Eye-Hand Coordination Before children grab a pencil or crayon to write, there has to be an ability to follow moving objects in the environment and pursue the desire for something.

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Developing the "Pencil Fingers" You've watched children chase peas or Cheerios around the high chair tray and eat them even before they can hold a spoon. Writing and Art Materials Remember the "large to small" muscle development as you provide writing and drawing supplies for children. Use large surfaces to experiment with finger paints, chunky chalk, or large washable crayons. You might want to use an outside table or even go to a park to use a picnic table.

Easels are fine, too; use large brushes at first and make sure you are comfortable with the paint containers, aprons, etc. Children love to water "paint" on rocks or walls or fences outdoors; use real paint brushes and little paint buckets. Explore options: Crayons shaped like pebbles, blocks, or crystals are easier to grasp and can make satisfying marks on paper.

Markers are not recommended as little effort is needed and control is not developed as a result. Activities with scissors, paste, construction paper, and stickers all help the process along.

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Try different sizes, shapes, and colors of pencils and crayons. Triangular ones are easier to grasp and reinforce the correct grip for writing. Until some control is apparent, children will make free-form drawings. Later show them how to make simple geometric shapes, and then how to color them.

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The Sand and Water Center in Child Care

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