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A video cylinder displays stories about the Hall of Fame astronauts as guests use the interactive kiosks. My Trip. Cart 0. Tickets 0.

Discover the Attributes of a Hero Each area uses interactive media to interact with astronaut memorabilia and space artifacts. A degree Entrance What is a hero, who are the heroes of our time and what does it take to be a hero?

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This awesome space toy is a piece Space Mission Toy Set and is perfect for astronauts ages 4 and This cool space toy is our most popular Space Shuttle toy set. It includes the Space Shuttle Discove This awesome space toy is a 3" Space Shuttle with plastic booster rockets and sits on the launch pad This awesome space toy is an from the official Space Voyagers series and is an inexpensive, 4 inch t This awesome space toy set is from the official Space Voyagers series!

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This amazing adventure fleet This awesome space toy is from the official Space Voyagers series, and is a wonderful 3 inch long Sp This awesome space toy is from the official Space Voyagers series and includes a total of five space Stomp Rocket Junior is so safe and simple to use that even young children can launch their own rocke Stomp Rocket Ultra thrills and amazes as a stomp of the foot propels a rocket on a burst of air up t Shoot a rocket over feet in the air, just with a stomp of your foot!

As in a standard battle there may be more than one battle round. As in a battle against a creature heroes can join in a team battle to remove boulder tokens.

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This costs all heroes involved 1 hour on the time track each. Removed boulder tokens will be returned to the game box. Q: If I lose a gem because of a Secret Lake card, do I have to discard it randomly, or can I choose which gem to lose?