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Much the same applies to thee magic. Beyond her jewellery glowing now and then, there is very little actual development of magic, what mages are or what they mean. Beyond opening some windows, we get to about pages in of a page book before magic or mages actually are developed in any real manner. It drags on with endless hints but no development or revelation Read More Aug 30, Michelle rated it really liked it.

This is a good spin on the post apocalyptic stories out there. The whole world isn't destroyed and life hasn't taken on an unrecognizable horror show. Alexis Richmond starts out as a bit of a shallow teenage girl who is having a bit of hard time adjusting to life after major US cities were destroyed and millions were killed. Zach Godard is a boy who comes across as aloof. The book focuses around the attacks that shook the wor This is a good spin on the post apocalyptic stories out there. The book focuses around the attacks that shook the world and changed life forever, which is the catalyst to Alexis learning that she has powers.

Alexis starts to grow as a person throughout the story, finding that there are bigger things than high school.

Mage's Blood : The Moontide Quartet Book 1

I found that the story was intriguing. The book starts with a girl attacking Alexis, the main character, in the girls bathroom, which is where Alexis suddenly finds that she has power or at least figures out something is odd in her life. Throughout the book I appreciated the fact the teens acted like teens. Although their characters continue to grow and mature, they are still kids.

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They still reacted to situations first and asked for forgiveness later, but you appreciate their effort in trying to make a different in the shattered world around them. The ending was a bit of a cliff hanger - you want to read the next book kind of cliff hanger, not the OMG I might die if I have to wait for the next book. Zach might be the main focus of book 2, and I hope he is.

I liked Zach the best, although he was still a teenager driven by hormones he also had his head on straight. He thought outside the box. I believe Zach is one of those characters that pretends to be something he isn't to throw everyone off the fact, he does pay attention to the world around him and more underestimate him.

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I think my only issue with the book was some of the teens drastically changed from being the worst kind of people to being redeemable, but since the focus isn't on them you wonder why. Or rather, you would like to know some of their stories. There is a lot of action packed in this read and it goes incredibly quick. The politics aren't crazy and unfamiliar, but rather issues we see in todays world and could be a 'what if' situation - if we had mages and magic anyway.

I loved this book! It was so much fun to read and I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to start the next one in the series! Oct 25, Beverly McClure rated it liked it. What if America were attacked by some unknown enemy and all major news stations, papers, and the Internet were destroyed? What would you do? Tough question, right? This is the world of Alexis Richmond, soon to turn eighteen, her family and friends, in Author K.

After the attack and the destruction of the entire U. Add a touch of magic and you have a story of secrets and surprises and wondering exactly who the good guys are and who are the bad.

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The author has written an interesting story about war, violence, and survivors trying to do the best they can under a bad situation. There are a lot of characters to keep track of. Almost anything is possible. Happy reading. Karen Vasey rated it really liked it Oct 23, Angela Murphy rated it liked it Aug 30, Dalton rated it liked it Sep 13, Graham rated it it was amazing May 30, Alphapros rated it really liked it Dec 27, Susan rated it really liked it May 07, Michelle rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Michael marked it as to-read Oct 12, Join the community to add your comment.

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To me, that is what power looks like; an endless red firestorm that gets larger and larger as it consumes more fuel until its supply is exhausted. This has been featured in my journal! Thank you! I just want to know how many people died for that much blood?

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Khazei Hobbyist Digital Artist. Na prawde piekne! RuaCharl Professional General Artist. The realism with which you made the blood is fantastic.

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This is amazing! The character here looks totally badass! Also, I can't look at this without having the Deadman Wonderland theme song playing in my head. Shaleene1 Hobbyist General Artist. Oh wow, Odo looks amazing! Absolutely just beautiful! Iris-ArTuts Digital Artist. She seemed intelligent, learned — kindly, even. But in her eyes something fanatic lurked, like a venomous snake. Lucia came to a halt behind her chair and gripped the wooden back tightly.

We have seen the merchants pour across then return with all manner of addictive Eastern goods — opium and hashish, coffee and tea, even the silks and other luxuries that entrance our people. They can virtually name their prices on return. The bankers extend credit to merchants whilst squeezing the nobility, the magi-protectors who made Rondelmar what it is. Who are the richest men in Rondelmar? The merchants and bankers! Fat obsequious slime like Jean Benoit and his merchant cabal. And what have they bought with their ill-gotten gains?

Our homes — our belongings — our art, and worse: they have purchased our sons and daughters, our Blood! The Antiopian armies retake Hebusalim once the bridge submerges under the tide as air support from Yuros is not enough, so another round of massacres ensue, while in the second Crusade of , the Empire strikes back with ever more force and holds Hebusalim since.

In the meantime, the hardships due to the Crusade led to a revolt in a southern province of the Empire, Noros, which while defeated is still shrouded in some mystery today and now in , one year before the next opening of the bridge, the Empire prepares the "Crusade to end all crusades", while the Antiopians have declares holy shihad to defeat the invaders The main characters of the novel are: Elena Anborn, Norosian half-blood mage and former feared guerrilla fighter in the revolt under the in famous Gurvon Gyle who appears in the quote above as an intimate of the ruling Empress Mater as he was pardoned years after the revolt on condition to do the Empire's dirty work from then on.

Ostensibly working as bodyguard for the Nesti ruling family of Javon which is an Antiopian kingdom which was partly settled from Yuros during the peaceful era and is unique in the normal - though tense of course - cohabitation of the two races, Elena is actually under Gyle's orders and unfortunately for everyone living there, Javon is very important strategically for both Empire and the Sultan. Alaron Mercer, Norosian quarter blood mage and nephew of Elena who is preparing to graduate the college of magic and get his accreditation.

His story is in large part the typical coming-of-age one from fantasy, but in a nice twist, Alaron is still a quarter blood mage so not quite the usually powerful "boy of destiny", but he compensates with his agile mind and intense curiosity Ramita Ankesharan from a Lakh family in an obscure city but whose father, Ispal, gets an offer he cannot refuse, so Amita's expected life is turned upside down and she will travel far away to a destiny we only start to glimpse for now Kazim Makani, Ramita's fiancee, son of an Amteh warrior who became blood-brother with Ispal in Hebusalim during the terrible - as in our history, Lakh is ruled by an Amteh emperor with the majority locals coexisting uneasily with the Amteh invaders and converts.

When Ramita is taken away, Kazim goes berserk and later joins the shihad but of course things are not quite as they seem. The time of trials for all is approaching!

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  6. Mage's Blood has great action and memorable characters; the portrayal of the cultures and their clash is extremely well done with nuanced characters, good and bad guys and girls on both side. On the negative side I had two structural issues: the world itself or at least the known continents to date are just a shrunken version of Europe and Asia and that makes it feel a little like a small sandbox rather than a real world. Then the cultures described have been in isolation one from another for untold centuries before the gnosis and the airships when the appearance of magic in the world allowed the West to get to the East so to speak - that would be a third flaw in a way, why not do it the other way, with the East getting the magic and getting to the West first - and I just cannot believe the unitary nature of the cultures as despite surface differences there is a fundamental similarity between the Western, Islamic and Indian cultures in our world and in the world of the novel.

    This of course is not surprising in our world considering how they interacted and influenced each other forever so to speak compare to the pre-Columbian Maya, Inca, Mexica or even the North American Native cultures and see what I mean , but it stretches somewhat the suspension of disbelief in the novel With a very good ending with a TBC sign but no real cliffhangers, while having revelations and big promises for the next volume, Mage's Blood is a gripping read with lots of twists and intriguing characters so I am in for the duration.

    View all 17 comments. Aug 03, Luke rated it did not like it. Easily the worst fantasy novel I've ever read. There are no redeeming qualities to this book. First of all - a complete and utter lack of imagination. Most fantasy novels incorporate things like motifs or political structures that exist in real life. Hair has taken that a step further. Basically he's taken already existent places, religions and cultures and given them a slight spelling change ie Europe is "Yuros", Jesus Christ is " Johan Corin" and so on.

    His representation of middle eastern cu Easily the worst fantasy novel I've ever read. His representation of middle eastern culture strikes me as just as shallow.

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    I can only see 2 good reasons for him doing this 1 He truly does not have an imagination or 2 he does not trust the reader to understand what he's trying to get across. I think it's reason 2 because of the next complaint. There's no sense of mystery, nothing that really "unfolds.